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Reality Check, September 29, 2017

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Gary, Lyn and Dee discuss Hurricane Maria, underfunded and dying rural hospitals and the rest of the appropriations bills.  The Interior Appropriations Bill cuts $31.4 Billion dollar.  A significant cut of $534 Million to the EPA.  Apparently, the environment no longer needs protecting?  We’ve won the battle?  We’re reforming the Endangered Species Act.  How long before humans end up on that list?  Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education will have their funding cut by $5 Billion.  They are funding health at the same time they are cutting care for low income people, by defunding Planned Parenthood.  And, while doing this, completely unfund the Affordable Care Act.  Additionally, they will allow Financial Advisers to advise clients in the advisers bests interest, not the clients.  The State and Foreign Operations Bill will see a decrease of $10 Billion for these vital services.  The biggest loss will be to UN Programs, no support for UNESCO programs.  Eliminates funding for Climate Change programs and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Prohibits funding for the UN Populations Fund.  The Transportation and HUD Bill cuts funding by $1.1 Billion.  The numbers on this are a bit vague, but is seems that HUD is getting $487 Million cut from discretionary funding.  (Isn’t that is what is used to house people after a disaster?)  There are a number of programs getting cut from HUD — one a program to integrate HUD housing with other housing.  On the transportation side, this bill eliminates all funding for high speed rail in California.

As promised, the link for the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction video:


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