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September 18, 2017 1 min to read

Reality Check Sept. 15, 2017, News Round-Up

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Gary, Lyn & Dee discuss news of the week.  We start by discussing possible hyperloop routes proposed for the Colorado region.  How would you like to travel to the Denver Airport in minutes?  Cheyenne less than ten minutes away?  Maybe you want to travel to Houston in under two hours?  All of these are possibilities.

What did Exxon know about climate change?  When did they know it?  At least since the 1970s, Exxon has known about the dangers of fossil fuels.

We discuss the economic divide in this country.  People who have never been poor, give poor people ridiculous advice.  Poor people are suffering, criticizing them helps no one and solves nothing.

Trump’s promised $1 Million to relief efforts.  But, we still don’t know if it is coming from his personal wealth or from the Trump Foundation.  (He hasn’t personally given any money to his foundation since 2008.)  Let’s see the receipts for this.  We remember how he promised $1 Million to veterans’ organizations during the campaign.  It was only after repeated questioning by the press that the donations actually occurred.

Voting rights groups are targeting gubernatorial races in key states that have passed voter suppression measures.  Iowa, New Hampshire, Georgia, Tennessee and Nevada will be holding elections for the office of governor.

We discuss the rise of fake news.  We also cover some stories by Robert Reich.

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