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Reality Check, November 17, 2017

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Gary, Lyn and Dee discuss news and current events.  We discuss the fact that most of Puerto Rico is still without power.  What happened to that project started by Whitefish Energy?  Oh, that’s right, it failed.  Cory Gardner wants your opinion on taxes.  Feel free to use resistbot by texting ‘resist’ to 50409.  The app will send faxes to Senators from your state serving in Washington, DC.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program has been unfunded since October 1st.  Over 9 million low income children and youths depend on CHIP for their healthcare needs.  Speaking of healthcare there is a new nominee for HHS secretary.  A former pharmaceutical CEO who oversaw astronomical price hikes on insulin, shouldn’t concern anyone, right?  We’re halfway through the Affordable Care Act sign-up period.  If you need health insurance and live in Colorado, go to:

In the recent elections, residents of Maine voted to expand Medicaid.  Their governor is resisting.  Last year, they voted for recreational marijuana and that has gotten nowhere.  Last year, residents of El Paso County, CO voted for high speed internet.  What’s happening with that?  Not much it seems.

We close with Lyn’s great article from the Independent about the value of local, independent news.

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