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Reality Check, June 3, 2017

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On June 2, 2017, US Representative Ed Perlmutter (D,) from 7th District of Colorado held a rally at Ivy Wild School, in Colorado Springs.  Gary and Dee were there to ask questions and observe.  We got there quite early and had the Congressman to ourselves for a while.  So, we got a few questions in.  Rep. Perlmutter has previously served in the House and Senate in Colorado.  Currently, he is serving in the US House.  He is running for governor of Colorado in 2018.

His stated priorities are: infrastructure; education; healthcare, dealing with the various tax amendments and restrictions; the environment; immigration; and acting as a check and balance on the federal government.

The most commonly asked questions for Rep. Perlmutter had to deal with affordable housing.  Rep. Perlmutter stated that he would like to work with the federal government (if possible) to make housing more affordable for more people.

Rep. Perlmutter had some ideas for helping to make college more affordable.

An important point was made about the upcoming census and the governor’s role in any redistricting.  Colorado is expected to gain at least one house seat on the national level after the 2020 census.

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