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January 7, 2018 2 min to read

Reality Check, January 5, 2018

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Gary, Lyn and Dee discuss politics and current events.  We start with a couple of PSAs for listeners in the Pikes Peak Region.  State of the Region Luncheon @ Great Wolf Lodge, $42/person.  If you are interested in talking with County Commissioners Darryl Glen or Stan VanderWerf, check out:

MVEA is giving bill credit for old incandescent lights of the C7 and C9 sizes (the big ones.)  If you’d like to get in on that and are an MVEA customer, go to:

Pikes Peak Library District is looking for volunteers for the numerous repair cafes that are hosted throughout the region.  They are specifically looking for people who can sew and/or repair bicycles.  If you are interested in helping out, please follow this link:

Onto politics!  We covered the seven words and phrases that the #CDC is no longer allowed to use: #Entitlement, #Transgender, #Fetus, #Diversity, #Vulnerable, #EvidenceBased, #ScienceBased.  Gary and Dee both offered some words and phrases they’d like to stop hearing.

#MinimumWage is going up in a number of states and cities!  Congratulations to everyone getting a raise in the new year.

Gary has a great story about #AlternativeSchools in Arkansas that are doing great work!

The UK has decided that #HighSpeedInternet is a right!  The complete reverse of what the #FCC has done.

#Germany has cracked on down on #HateSpeech, and is levying some rather large fines upon social networks that don’t get it down fast enough.

There is a new legal defense fund set up by women of Hollywood, entitled #TimesUp.  This fund is designed to help women fight harassment who aren’t rich and famous.  They have accumulated over $13 Million, so far.

We round up with some more good news stories at the local level.  Pikes Peak Library District is now participating with Urban Peak, to create #SafePlaces for teens and youths in need of a safe place.

Colorado Springs has been chosen to be the site of a new #recycling program.  Look for more on that in the future!

We also discuss #CityCouncil and #CountyCommissioner meetings.  We’re glad you’re listening, if you can show up at a meeting and express your opinions to our elected officials, we would appreciate it.

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