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Reality Check, December 15, 2017

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Gary, Lyn and Dee discuss politics and current events.  We would like to thank you for listening throughout the year, and let you know we’re taking next week off.  Our topics for this week include Doug Jones’ Senate victory in Alabama.  Despite all the voter suppression and intimidation, he won.  He won by a margin large enough to avoid an automatic voter recount.  So, why isn’t Roy Moore conceding?  Why is the Senate going ahead with the tax bill vote?  In 2010, when Brown won the Senate seat from Massachusetts, the ACA vote was suspended until he could be seated.  In wake of the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality, we discuss that topic at length.  And, of course, we discuss the lack of public broadband.  What is taking El Paso County so long to act?  We voted in November of 2016 to start moving on this, and nothing!  Fort Collins voted in November 2017 and they are already beginning to issue bonds!

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    ReplyAriel Heart December 19, 2017

    You hadn't framed it in this way, but I firmly believe that the Masterpiece Cake issue is to tear down one of the basic tenets of a Republic, that everyone is held to the same standards and laws. The Religious Right wants to be a class above and excluded from the law and only answer to their "higher law." This is not only a 1st Amendment issue, but a setting up of a set-apart class of people with their own laws. I would appreciate really calling attention to this. Thank you again for your podcast.

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      ReplyDeidre LaRock December 19, 2017

      We have previously covered that Religious Freedom seems to only apply to White Christians in this country. They don't want Sharia Law, but they are perfectly fine with imposing their viewpoints on everyone else. We do appreciate your input. You are correct in what their actions appear to indicate.