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April 11, 2017 0 min to read

Reality Check April 7, 2017

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Gary and Dee back from a long break.   We discuss a number of issues, the local election results.  National issues, including the #SCOTUS appointment.  We discuss international issues from anti-gay violence in Netherlands to missile strikes in #Syria.  All three city ballot issues passed in the recent April election.  This includes the public oversight before selling off utility property; money for the stormwater improvements; and, ta-da, high speed internet!  Colorado Springs voted for it, as did the people of El Paso County in November.  Let’s make this a 21st century city!  The proposed border wall will cause trouble to many people who might end up living on the wrong side of it. Tesla has made vast improvements in battery storage.  There is a vast infrastructure project for electric cars taking shape in Kansas and Missouri.  Norway is giving residents money to buy electric cargo bikes.  This will improve their health and the traffic flow in more ways than one.  Interested in getting those free wildflower seeds from Cheerios?  Here is the link:  #SCOTUS #Syria #COSelections #biking #bees #Teslabatteries #Netherlands #borderwall #electriccar

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