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April 20, 2017 0 min to read

Reality Check, April 14, 2017

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Gary and Dee discuss the special elections going on across the country–Kansas, Georgia and Montana.  The other topics covered are a variety of issues across the country and the world.  New Mexico is ending lunch shaming.  A province in British Columbia has banned mandatory high heels at work.  New Jersey and other states are considering mandatory tax releases to gain a spot on the presidential ballot.  What happens to health care in the 105 counties in the US where Planned Parenthood is the only affordable place to get contraceptive care?  How does the AARP feel about the repeal of the ACA?  They are informing their members of how their local congress members vote on health care ‘reform.’  Iceland leading the way by actually mandating equal pay.  Women in Iceland are expected to achieve equity by 2022!    Texas is trying to fundraise in order to test a backlog of rape kits.  Portland, OR passing a new ordinance regarding income inequality.  #elections #lunchshaming #taxreleases #plannedparenthood #payequity #rapekits #incomeinequality

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