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Idea Accelerator Podcast of Colorado Springs with Lauren Collier

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Lauren Collier is the Idea Accelerator. A Colorado Springs business owner, author, and philanthropist, Lauren works with the business community to forward the success of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in Colorado Springs. On the Idea Accelerator Podcast, she interviews experts across all fields of interests to learn their shortcuts and strategies for succeeding in business in Colorado Springs and beyond.


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Learn about Lauren and This Podcast

About the Show and its Mission

Idea Accelerator Podcast exists to tap into the wisdom of local thought leaders and entrepreneurs, and share their advice with the community.

The content is designed for those who are looking for ways to improve themselves and get more involved in the Colorado Springs community. Many listeners are fellow business owners enjoy the inspiration and great ideas that they get from the podcast.

Lauren had the idea for this show based on her experience as a business owner running Live Dream Colorado. While often exciting, liberating, and rewarding, running a business has a lot of unique challenges that sometimes only other business owners can understand and help with. We, as business owners, are always searching for ways to take our products and service to the next level.

Toward that goal, Lauren designed the podcast as a success-building platform. It’s a jumping-off point for meaningful discussions in the Colorado Springs business community among leaders and aspiring leaders who want to help one another become better, share advice on avoiding and solving problems in business, lend a hand to aspiring business owners, and give back to their community through their unique knowledge and experience.

Another great thing about local business owners is that they are often very familiar with the community. They have great suggestions of where to go and what to do for fun, entertainment, and recreation, as well as for business networking and for volunteering, donating, and contributing.

The focus of the interviews is on the small business owner’s and entrepreneur’s journey. By speaking with them about their journey to becoming a leader, we all get to learn an incredible amount from their successes, failures, experiences and advice.

Best of all, for those looking to take their business success to the next level, the hard-won secrets contained in these podcast episodes may hold the key to your success!

About the Host and her Vision

In addition to hosting the Idea Accelerator Podcast of Colorado Springs, Lauren Collier is the founder, owner, and employing broker of Live Dream Colorado. Her vision is “To inspire spirited Coloradans to passionately live out their boldest Dreams.”

Lauren and her business partner, Rob Hoben, believe that solid real estate investments empower people to achieve their life goals, and that to make such investments people need genuine, caring, knowledge-based real estate service. Through her proprietary approach to sell real estate, Lauren helps property owners extract $40,000 or more extra profit in the sale of their homes.

Together, Lauren and Rob donate a portion of every sale to support local nonprofit Trails and Open Space Coalition, which works hard to protect the amazing and unique parks, trails, and open spaces that make Colorado Springs the very special place it is. Plus they fundraise for local schools through their Teacher Program.

Lauren and Rob are both Master Certified Negotiation Experts working to help property buyers fully understand the real estate sales and investment process and make the informed decisions that are best for their client’s goals, their slogan is “The Power is in Your Hands.” Offering specialized, highly responsive services to buyers and sellers, their mission is to expertly assist clients in moving into a new phase in their life. They promise to provide expert advice, best-in-class service, and honest communication that property buyers and sellers truly need when making a move.

Lauren and Rob believe that property ownership is a meaningful personal experience for every person, bringing freedom, responsibility, stability, and comfort.

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