October 17, 2017 1 min to read

How to Focus on Stakeholders and Build Stunning Websites with Alex Belding

Category : Idea Accelerator with Lauren Collier

Alex Belding is the founder and CEO of Mad Crane Marketing powered by WebriQ. He started Mad Crane Marketing to tackle the DIY dilemma of web design and digital marketing. He believes that business is about more than just the bottom line. Committed to focusing on the stake holders, he aspires to be like Yvon Chouinard and say, “stop looking at my websites or your Facebook feed and go outside.” He started his business hoping to reconnect humanity with nature and to build stunning websites.   

Topics Discussed:  

  • Alex’s background and how he came to Colorado Springs  
  • Alex’s previous, unsuccessful business and why it failed  
  • Suggestions for people new to Colorado Springs  
  • Social impact and worrying about stakeholders vs. stockholders  
  • Alex’s hopes for Mad Crane to become a B Corporation  
  • Mad Crane’s web services, including website design and social media strategies  
  • The importance of having marketing strategies that lead to actual sales  
  • Organizations and communities Alex is involved with  
  • Alex’s advice to business owners about their website  
  • Creating a job for yourself vs. building a business  
  • The Blue Ocean Strategy  

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