Council Matters

September 15, 2016 0 min to read

Council Matters – Sept 15 2016

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Collaboration, infrastructure and jobs. The Mayor’s State of the City address, “Good to Great.” Was it an endorsement of current city councilors? Shouldn’t the Mayor also give us the bad news? Stormwater, police staffing and response times. 2017 city budget process underway, SDS, Banning-Lewis Ranch, and the comprehensive plan update. Should we be boosting tourism while I25 is gridlocked? Bill and Tom rate the 2C roads tax and road maintenance progress. The lack of qualified applicants for jobs in town. #PlanCOS

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    ReplyRick Wehner September 17, 2016

    Your podcast of 15 Sept 2016 a.d. touched on how the mayor was seemingly 'endorsing' all council for re-election - and redistricting. With it a certainty the lines will be drawn to move Helen Collins out of her district - who among the remaining five are 'safe' and which are Colorado Springs Forward going to be gunning for?