CityTalk, Jill Gaebler, Jan Martin

October 11, 2017 0 min to read

CityTalk Oct 11 2017

Category : CityTalk

Jill Gaebler’s reelection campaign for Colorado Springs City Council in April required her to take a break from podcasting, but she is back! Jill and Jan reminisce about the 2017 city election, they discuss a lot of good news in the Mayor’s proposed 2018 city budget, and the upcoming vote on the proposed stormwater fee. They also chat about the remaining need (and hope) for parks funding. The school district 11 mill levy override on the ballot is also discussed. Wasson and Palmer get a nod. Jill is now an empty-nester. Wine and ice cream for dinner. Bicycles and change in the city. Plus: The future of the show (big surprise; listen to find out).

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